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Hello World! My same is Coach Z. I retired form the United States Navy and would like your help. I am now 54 years old and am celebrating my forth decade on line today. My oldest of two brothers brought home a neat box I hooked up to our TV set and played pong on it when I was fourteen years old. Needless to say we had a blast, for a while. Then I took it apart to figure out why it worked. 00000100 = 4. Is a grammatically correct sentence. I don’t have any functional web sites that make me any money yet but my goal is to work for #ma.tt and fit into his mission working from my home office. I have so much stuff (#RDFa) I need some fresh eyes on how to aggregate everything into a sales funnel. This is the one I use now. #bit.ly/17409649905 and the reason for taking this class is very simple. I need your help. When I add something to any of my accounts it reaches the 87% of the people that don’t do what we do and they say that bad word S P A M. I also don’t use the word S H A R E. We only brend brends with brenders. Brending is a portmanteau I invented with my other brother Marko. http://markzarlino.BlogSpot.com and we would like to use current approved monetization. Monetization is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender. It usually refers to the coining of currency or the printing of banknotes by central banks. Things such as gold, diamonds and emeralds generally do have intrinsic value based on their rarity or quality and thus provide a premium not associated with fiat currency unless that currency is “promissory”. That is, the currency promises to deliver a given amount of a recognized commodity of a universally (globally) agreed-to rarity and value, providing the currency with the foundation of legitimacy or value. Though rarely the case with paper currency, even intrinsically relatively worthless items or commodities can be made into money, so long as they are difficult to make or acquire. In some industry sectors such as high technology and marketing, monetization is a buzzword for adapting non-revenue-generating assets to generate revenue. Web sites and mobile apps that do generate revenue are often monetized via advertisements, subscription fees or (in the case of mobile) in-app purchases. A previously free product may have premium options added thus becoming freemium. Failure to monetize web sites due to an inadequate revenue model was a problem that caused many businesses to fold during the dot-com bust. I worked for the United States Navy for twenty one years and in the private sector for the past seventeen years. I would like to take my +Free Work – Google+ and turn it into a profit. I need to find a VC to support my work moving forward. I don’t want a hand out and will do what I am asked provided it is not blackhat. I am only Tiger Team and Whitehat.Daily Brend Rocks™